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Programme management

The EC Delegation in Amman, Jordan, which has assigned a special programme manager to the programme, manages the MEDA Water programme. This includes among others the follow up on the progress of the projects and taking decisions on issues of contract and budget amendments and important issues regarding content, directly related to the achievement of project results and objectives.

In its management tasks, the EC Delegation is supported by the Regional Monitoring and Support Unit for the MEDA Water projects and the EU Water Initiative (RMSU), which started its work in October 2005. The RMSU has three important fields of actions.

  • The improvement of the performance of the MEDA Water projects through improvement of planning and follow up of activities and progress towards achievement of objectives;
  • The improvement of co-ordination between the MEDA Water projects through the facilitation of information exchange, the organisation of workshops and the stimulation of interaction between the projects; and
  • The promotion of the MEDA Water programme through the preparation of promotion materials, the development of a MEDA Water website, promotion of MEDA Water activities towards decision makers and support of the MEDA Water projects in their promotion activities.

The RMSU is managed by a consortium lead by the Mediterranean Water Institute (IME) from France, joined by the International Office for Water (OIEau), also from France and the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE). The RMSU has its main office in Amman and a second office in Marseille for easier contact with the Maghreb region and institutions based in the EU. It is anticipated that the activities of the RMSU will last until autumn 2008

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